Hydrotect Technology: A Green Investment for Our Homes and Our Future

by Alana Cowan

While household cleaning products are necessary for maintaining and attractive and healthily living environment in the home and at work, they have the potential to negatively impact indoor air quality. The fumes generated from household items such as ammonia, chlorine and bleach are a extremely volatile and corrosive chemicals that are very damaging to the eyes, respiratory tract and skin. Moreover, the aerosols we use to eliminate foul odors in our living spaces are linked to many harmful environmental issues. So, before you stock your cupboards with every household item on the shelf at your local Duane Reade, it’s time to think of investing in a green technology that is not only good for the your family and environment, but also saves you time and money.

The technology, called Hydrotect, is a unique hydrophylic coating that provides wall and floor tiles with brilliant cleanliness and perfect hygiene (with minimal of cleaning effort!) that incorporates a technology designed to purify the air. In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits of cleaning, Hydrotect decomposes harmful odors, dust and pollutants in the air to help maintain a healthy indoor environment. Refined over the past 10 years by a German ceramic tile manufacturer, Deutsche Steinzeug, is now rated as 100% efficient and guaranteed for life.

How does it work? Hydrotect is a green technology that cleans air of pollutants in the same way trees do; light activates oxygen molecules, which decompose bacteria and germs. In this way, Hydrotect only needs light and air to function.

Think of it this way; 10,000 square feet of Hydrotect tile cleans the air as effectively 70 broad-leafed trees.

A technology that purifies the air in the natural way that trees do, eliminates the need for harmful aerosols. And, although the fine particles from common aerosols only have a life line of only a few days in the Earth’s atmosphere, they are often linked to major environmental effects, which cause a change in precipitation patterns, climate change by greenhouse warming, health hazards from air pollution and more. Therefore, an investment like hydrotect is not only beneficial to the health of you and your family, but also helps protect the environment. Moreover, with a technology that purifies the air and takes only water to clean, Hydrotect owners save upwards of 50 percent on yearly cleaning supplies.

No matter whether used for walls, floors or facades: tiles with Hydrotect coating offer not only unique product characteristics, but also unlimited design possibilities. Now available in the US, companies such as Sophisticated Tile, are now carrying a series of ceramic tile lines that incorporate a technology designed to purify the air with Hydrotect.

“We are privileged to be representing these lines and very excited to bring them into the marketplace,” says Joe Pipatone, Vice President of Sales at Sophisticated Tile.

The following link will take you to a 5 minute video that provides a brief introduction to the Hydrotect technology.

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