Eco-Friendly Distillers Doing Their Part

by Nick Livermore

If we could turn back the hands on time and revise our 2012 trends, we would make just one change! Well, we wouldn’t because that’s cheating, but you get the idea. We identified that Green Buildings and LEED certification are on the rise, but what we have seen also rise is the green manufacturing and sustainability industry.Many businesses have increased their commitment to the environment in a wide variety of ways relating to manufacturing, packaging, transport and ethos. Browsing the liquor selection at your local liquor store, you will notice that the distillers have also taken this on board. Nowadays, you could literally stock an entire bar with spirits made in eco-friendly, sustainable distilleries by companies who truly care about the environment. We break down some of the greenest liquor brands to help you choose next time you’re at the store!

Square One Vodka
– Not only do these guys have one of the highest-quality vodkas available on the market, but they strive to be one of the cleanest. Notably, they are a female-owned company, distilling in a factory that uses 25% wind generated power and offsetting their carbon footprint.

VeeV– Going for as many numbers ones as possible, VeeV touts themselves as not only the world’s first acai spirit, but all the world’s first carbon neutral spirit. For each bottle sold, they donate $1 to the Sustainable Acai project and they frequently partner with celebrities to highlight the importance of protecting the Amazon and other rain forests.

DonQ RumThis Puerto Rico distillery also achieves close to 100% sustainability in their production of rum. This liquor, made from molasses, typically leaves a nasty byproduct, but DonQ has worked hard to develop a means of recycling and generating energy from this waste. Many of their competitors simply dump this waste in to the ocean!

Bruichladdich – Not only do they have an awesome website with a voracious mission, this appetite for success and quality has transcended into their production. They are also aiming to be 100% carbon neutral in the neat future and have a rarely-rivaled respect for the terroir in which their grains are grown.

Reyka – This vodka carries a distinctively Scandinavian edge on its competitors. Following the Nordic emphasis on green energy and renewable resources, the Reyka distillery is powered by geothermal energy. The name “reyka” is the Icelandic word for “steam” – aptly named, no?These are our favorites distilleries with a markedly green angle. Would knowing about the organic and sustainable practices of certain distilleries make you more likely to buy a particular product?

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