Pet of the Month: Allen

by Guest Writer

Allen was found wet, cold, and crying behind a postal truck tire one rainy February morning. Unable to leave a six week old kitten to starve in Chinatown, his owners decided to bring him into their home. As it turns out, Allen is one special cat; spend some time with him, and you’ll fall in love. The vet says that there is some Russian Blue in him, and we think that is where his personality comes from. He’s curious, friendly, and VERY nosy.

Name: Allen DeGeneres
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 1
Size: Long and lean
Favorite Toy: Bottle caps. If he knows you’re holding onto one, he’ll poke you with his paw until you give in and play with him.
Favorite thing to do: Running around on a bed while chasing a toy mouse.
Weird habits: Making Chewbacca noises when excited, sticking his tongue out, whining while staring at a corner until you call his name.
Cool tricks: Jumping through a Christmas wreath and fetching bottle caps.
Favorite place to nap: On a chair or next to shoes. We suspect he likes anything that smells.
Diet: Wellness Healthy Indulgence

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