How to Become a Better Morning Person

by Nick Livermore

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. – Aristotle

The reasons to get an earlier and more productive start to the day extend far beyond simply acknowledging the words of a mellinia-old philosopher. The general consensus among people is that they would love to wake up earlier and hit the ground running. But, like most life adjustments, it’s much easier said than done!

We, as your Chief Motivation Officers, are going to provide you with a blueprint on how to wake up earlier and be more productive as soon as you hear that annoying alarm. It’s not going to be easy, but we are here for you, should you need a little moral support. It will take a few weeks to get into the swing of your new routine, so stick with it OK?

Ease Into It – Start by setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier than your current time for a few weeks, as your body will adjust more easily with a gradual change. Drastically altering sleep and wake up times may leave you feeling equally exhausted.

Consistency – This is probably the hardest aspect of getting up earlier. No Snooze button and absolutely no sleeping in. Well, at least for a few weeks. Your body needs to fully get in the habit of waking up at a consistent time before you afford it such luxuries!

Intent – You’re getting up early for a reason, so embrace it. Set the tempo for the  rest of your day by getting up and getting things done. Give yourself something to look forward to waking up and doing!

Convenience – Have your gym or work clothes laid out, the coffee pot preprogrammed and any tweaks that will save you some time in the morning. It’s not cheating if it gets you up and going in the morning!

Get A Good Night’s Sleep – Don’t fall asleep with the TV on, eat a huge meal shortly before bed or drink coffee past mid afternoon. These will all negatively affect your sleep, which makes waking up that much harder.

Accountability Buddy – Are you trying to wake up early to fit in exercise? Find a friend to join you. Make a pact to go at least three times a week and hold each other to it.

Schedule – The best way to stay on track with your new goals is to stay organized. This means keeping a record of your sleeping schedule and planning out your days to make sure you are accomplishing everything you need to while still getting your work, exercise, sleep and meals in.

We encourage you to try out an early morning routine. If you have any other tips for getting going in the morning, do let us know! Hey – even if you have a new favorite coffee that’s fine with us!

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