August Pet of the Month: Lola

by Jon Porcasi

Name: Lola

Breed: Shih-Tzu/Pekingnese

Age: 1 years old

Size: 12 pounds

Diet: Dinnertime Leftovers

Funny Habit: Lola likes to chase her best friend Marley (my other dog, who is slightly larger) around the house and nom on her ear.

Favorite Toy: Marley’s Ear.

Adorable Eccentricity: Lola will rarely lick you. Her form of affection is rubbing her nose on whatever body part is readily available. She also barks in intervals of three.

Dislikes: Lola is deathly afraid of red pillows.

Things that make his tail wag: Lola loves to steal food from my other dogs. She rarely eats from her own bowl.

Funny story: Can’t think of anything in particular. Maybe the time she rubbed up against a red pillow, and her hair went all static-y.

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