Pet of the Month: Mandi

by Guest Writer

Mandi is our lemon beagle. She’s called a “lemon” beagle because of her light and freckled coloring. It’s quite fitting for her gentle, playful and precocious disposition. We rescued Mandi from the cramped crate she had been living in for the first six months of her life. It was love at first sight!

Being that she is a hound dog, Mandi loves to be outside. She tracks and follows all of the scents and sounds of nature. Watching her as she discovers and explores scent after scent her excitement and anticipation is almost contagious. It’s like she’s saying “Wow! Do you smell it! Oh wait, what about that one? Do you smell that one?” Typically a piercing bark-howl will accompany her discovery, known as baying. Mandi always has to make sure that everyone knows that she smells it (whatever it was). When she’s not scouring the backyard for fresh scents, she’s probably sleeping or demanding love and attention. Mandi is irresistible. With her adorable snout and long white eyelashes she can melt your heart in an instant because all she does is love you unconditionally.

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