Eco18’s 18 Resolutions

by Guest Writer

In honor of our one year anniversary, we here at Eco18 have decided to adopt 18 resolutions towards becoming an even more sustainable, eco-friendly group! Be sure to join our twitter party tonight from 7:00 – 8:00 EST to make and share your own green resolutions! Follow hashtag #eco18turns1.

1. Walk, bike or take public transportation to work. No cars, no cabs.

2. Bring in a healthy lunch from home at least once a week and partake in Meatless Mondays and/or non-processed food Wednesdays

3. Unplug laptop and cell phone chargers when they are not in use

4. No disposable plates or utensils in the office

5. Power down all computers at the end of the day

6. Sponsor individual from KIVA

7. Introduce some live plants into the office to increase oxygen flow

8. Recycle our old technology/machines (computers, phones, printers etc.)

9. Switch to Eco18 travel coffee mugs + water bottles

10. Shut off lights in and around the office when not necessary and use natural lighting during the course of the day.

11. Only print on clean paper if absolutely necessary, be sure to use the other side of printer paper.

12. When we get goodies and giveaways from tradeshows, events, etc. share them in our re-gifting corner in the kitchen. One person’s junk is another person’s pleasure!

13. Don’t buy notepads – take notes on the back of used paper

14. Donate old business clothes

15. Recycle + reuse shipping materials

16. No opening windows when the A/C is on!

17. Save coffee trays and return them to the coffee shop once we have a nice stack

18. Plant a tree to represent eco18’s growth and to remind ourselves of how much we appreciate nature!

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