Bringing Lunch to Work Will Save You Dollars and Pounds

by Nick Livermore

Eating out during the workday is expensive, and quite frankly not that healthy. With a little preparation and effort, you will find that bringing a healthy and tasty lunch to work is not all that difficult. Eco18’s essentials:

  • Craving sweets? Eat fruit – you will get your sugar fix and added nutrients.
  • Whole Grains – Make sure you are eating whole grain everything – no white bread, white rice or regular pasta!
  • Write it down – grocery shopping and planning for the week is much easier when you have everything mapped out.
  • Share – Are your coworkers also complaining about their wallet and/or waistline? Take turns bringing in meals.
  • Think protein – Protein fills you up longer than other types of food.
  • Recycle – make sure you are using recyclable food containers!
  • Variety is key – eating sandwiches and salads everyday will quickly have you thinking about the deli downstairs that serves great pasta. Suggestions below!
  • Low-fat – These days you can purchase low fat options of just about everything. This should be a no-brainer.
  • Snacks – Healthy, filling snacks are key for helping you resist the urge to grab a bag of chips.
  • Pack it – Let’s face it. No one prepares lunch in the morning. Have it packed and ready to go the night before.
  • Treat yourself – tell yourself that if you eat well all week, that on Friday you can get French Toast for breakfast or try out that new food truck.

Still looking for more? We have rounded up all the best recipes and ideas from the web for your weekday culinary needs!

Shine has a recipe roundup of some tasty favorites.

AskMen provides some manly advice and a few protein-rich meals for the muscle conscious men.

Eating Well offers these recipes that you can make for under $3 a serving.

Eating Well also offers tips for packing lunches for the kids to take to school.

The Frugal Mom has it down to such a science that she cooks a month’s worth of food in one day.

WebMD offers 7 tips for healthy lunches while tied to the desk.

Real Simple offers 18 ways to upgrade that brown paper bag.

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