November Pet of the Month

by Guest Writer

Windsor joined the family on a snowy December 23rd night from Santa Claus. Old St. Nicholas thought it would be a good idea to drop him off early so he wouldn’t get squished with all the other presents in the sleigh. He put him in his crate and tried to hide him from the family as a surprise, but Windsor was ready to play the second he got here. His midnight barks awakened the whole family and early in the morning we were a family of 7!

Name: Sir Windsor “Moosedog” Hein

Breed: AKC American Black Labrador

Age: 6 years young

Size: 105 pounds

Diet: Science Diet Light and whatever he feels at liberty to help himself to.

Cool Trick: Windsor can spell! He knows f-o-o-d, w-a-l-k, t-r-e-a-t, and o-u-t.

Favorite Toy: Anything left around the house he hasn’t eaten yet, water bottles, and the shoes of any guest.

Adorable Eccentricity: Windsor starts prancing like a reindeer every day around 12:00pm to remind us that if he doesn’t eat in the next 39 seconds, he will probably fall over and die of starvation.

Dislikes: Wrestling (he wishes he had opposable thumbs), when one of those sneaky bunny rabbits comes in his backyard, and even the thought of a deer.

Things that make his tail wag: Peanut butter, his youngest sister Olivia, and bacon.

Funny Story: Windsor was once accused of eating a cell phone! It was during a phase where he had already put away 6 corncobs, several sticks of butter, a pair of socks, and basically anything else within reach. His oldest sister Danielle was convinced he scarfed down her phone and even called it several times and “felt it ring in his belly.” A few days later, the cell phone was found in the couch cushions, Windsor was acquitted prior to any invasive procedures.


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