Five GIY Picks for November

by Allison

November welcomes the holiday season. We have been combing through Pinterest for the best November GIY (Green-It-Yourself) projects! These projects will put you in the holiday spirit. And, like always, these fun GIY projects are great ways to incorporate some green into your home and without breaking the bank! These were the top repinned pins from out GIY board. Enjoy!

1. Cinnamon Stick Votives: Paying for that cinnamon scented candle? Why, when you can make it! Attach cinnamon sticks with super glue to a candle and light. Then let the cinnamon scent waft over you.

2. Apple Candles: Get your home in the fall spirit with these apple candles. First pick an apple (or a whole bunch) and cut a small enough hole to place a tea light candle. Then light and enjoy! These would look great on your Thanksgiving table this year.

3. Coffee Filter Wreath: Don’t harm a tree this season. Use those old coffee filters in a new way. Separate the coffee filters. Then fold them into quarters and hot glue them to the outside of the locking band. Glue a second layer of filters along the band. Finally glue the third layer along the inside of the band. You will use about 100 filters in this project.

4. Sweater Candle Holder: Have a bunch of old sweaters laying around? Cut the cuffs off and use them as candleholders. It will give your candles a cute winter look and spruce up your room!

5. Milk Jug Turkeys: This is a great idea for kids! Paint your empty gallon milk bottles brown. Then cut feather shapes to put on the back of the turkey jug. To make the face you can use pompoms with a small black felt circle or googiey eyes. Then use red construct paper to cut out the wattle. Lastly, use a pair of hands on orange paper to make the turkey feet.

If you have any great DIY projects and want to share post it below. Also, if you try any of these GIY picks yourself, please send us a photo, we’d love to see!

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