March Pet of the Month: Bleecker

by Julie Yeagley

Name:  Bleecker (Named after the street in NYC)

Breed:  Half Toy Poodle, half Rat Terrier

Age:  Almost 2 (His birthday is Cinco de Mayo, which is fitting since he was born in Puerto Rico!)

Size:  21lbs

Diet:  He will do ANYTHING for a treat. This includes—but is not limited to—dancing, high-fives, twirling, rolling over, and ‘acting embarrassed.’

Funny Habit:  Bleecker loves to hide his bones in the couch, but if he knows you saw him hide it he will move it while you’re not looking! He also loves to wake his family up in the morning with very intimate, aggressive kisses.

Favorite Toy:  Tennis balls—or really any kind of object that can be thrown for him to catch. He also could play by himself with a ping pong ball for hours.

Adorable Eccentricity:  When Bleecker gets really excited, he tends to start “singing.” When he greets someone he knows in public, people passing by will often stop and laugh at his reaction.

Dislikes:  Bleecker hates being alone—he is definitely a very sociable puppy. He also gets severe FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) if he is in a house where people are in different rooms and will run back and forth to make sure he’s not missing anything.

Things that make his tail wag:  The word “walkie,” tennis balls, and greeting his family when they return home.

Funny story:  When Bleecker was six months old, he was asked to appear in an article for Good Housekeeping magazine. When he arrived at the photo shoot with his ‘mom-ager,’ he was told that they were a bit behind so he had to hang tight until they were ready for him. Blame it on nerves, but within 20 minutes of being at the shoot, Bleecker had a bathroom accident. Shortly after that, he lost his lunch!  Luckily all was cleaned up without anyone noticing, but that was the end of his professional modeling career.

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