Weekend Idea: The Green Brunch

by Chelsea Rohrig

For the past couple weeks I’ve been waking up on Saturday and Sunday mornings “googling” the best brunch ideas. But sometimes expensive, and often difficult to get a reservation on short notice, how about putting together your own green brunch?!

Start by going to to your local organic health food store or farmer’s market, grab some eggs, turkey bacon or turkey sausage and don’t forget cheese–an exquisite cheese to that will go as a great accent make an awesome omelet. There are some great recipes on Pinterest to help you kick your brunch up a notch, like a delicious recipe for organic cinnamon rolls. Brunch wouldn’t be brunch though without a mimosa or a bloody Mary. Since we are making an eco friendly meal remember to uses fresh squeezed juices and organic liquor. One of my favorite Organic Vodkas I’ve found is American Harvest Spirit.

If you want to add a fun, sustainable and inexpensive twist to your brunch, come up with a theme you want all your guests to follow. For instance, you can all go to your local thrift store and see who can find the funniest and most random treasure to bring or wear at your brunch. A thrift store treasure hunt is a fun activity for the whole family and is sure to bring about a lot of laughs!

If you need ideas to keep the kids busy so you can enjoy your brunch or would rather do something with them for the day you can find some eco-friendly craft ideas online. You’d be surprised what you can do with empty paper towel rolls. They can be used to make all different shaped stamps or use empty toilet paper rolls to make small Easter bunnies to decorate the house with for the upcoming holiday! A neat idea is to let your kids make bubble paint. All you have to do is mix food coloring with bubbles, blow on a piece of paper and let them pop.

Tell us about your eco-friendly brunch ideas!

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