March Pet of the Month: Tater

by Lauren Verini

Tater is a 3 year old Puggle that we recently adopted from Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue Inc. in Ozone Park, NY. As soon as we saw his photo on we knew we had to meet this spunky little dog, and we loved him immediately! It was a bitter sweet moment at the shelter when we said goodbye since everyone that worked there loved him but were happy to see him find his forever home. He has only been a part of our family for a couple of months but he already fits right in and is very well loved. 

Name: Tater

Breed: Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix)

Age: 3 years

Size: 25 pounds

Diet: Royal Canin

Funny Habit: Snoring, a trait he gets from the Pug side, and sniffing and smelling everything, which he gets from the Beagle side.

Favorite Toy: Red Kong toy which we sometimes hide peanut butter in to entertain him for an hour or so. He loves all toys but the kong toys are the only ones that will last with him because he loves to chew and destroy them all!

Adorable Eccentricity: Tater is a very heavy sleeper and falls asleep very quickly. This means you can play with him and lift his head up and he won’t notice a thing. If he hears someone at the door making noise though, he’ll bark himself awake. He’s also got an under bite and a snaggle tooth which make him all the more cuter.

Dislikes: Like most dogs, Tater hates the hairdryer and the vacuum

Things that make his tail wag: He loves to go on long walks and play in the dog park, loves people and attention which he gets a lot of and as well as playing in the snow and playing fetch.

Funny Story: His first time visiting family out of state he broke out of his crate while we were all out to lunch and somehow managed to find and eat a donut that was sitting on the kitchen counter. We don’t know how he managed to get up that high but he did. When we came home he was sitting by the door waiting for us with a big grin on his face.

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