Love Yourself – Meditation of a different kind

by Guest Writer

When it comes to meditation, I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes find it difficult to fully clear my mind of any and all thoughts. No matter how hard I try, I’m the type of person to get antsy with silence and to have a constant rushing of thoughts go through my mind. That being said, I know how beneficial meditation can be, especially in regards to stress and anxiety. And while I find it difficult to practice traditional meditation, I have found ways to embrace the practice in my own way.


As “old lady” as it may sound, my favorite way to meditate is by knitting! Because of the level of concentration needed for the craft, and the attention needed to keep track of your pattern, whenever I knit I find it near impossible to think of anything other than my fingers moving. Several studies have shown knitting to be one of the best methods to overcome eating disorders, smoking, and other dangerous lifestyle habits because it keeps both your hands and your mind busy.


Psychology Today reports that knitting is known to your lower blood pressure and heart rate, as well as distract you from fretting over the past or obsessing about the future. And believe it or not, knitting actually naturally employs yoga techniques. Studies have shown that moving your eyes back and forth (like you would when following your knitting) can positively impact your health. Just like a baby is calmed down by rocking back and forth, moving your eyes back and forth while knitting stimulations a calming sensation and relaxes the mind. On top of the health benefits that go along with knitting, the feeling of being able to make something for someone that would make them happy is just an extra bonus!


So whether you’re already a knitting pro, or a knitting novice grab a ball of yarn and some needles and get knitting!

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