June Pet of the Month: Angie

by Guest Writer

Name:  Angie aka Meat (the boys in the house think she’s one of them)

Parents:  Rachel, Mike, and Phil

Breed:  Shih Tzu

Age:   5 years. She will be 6 on August 2nd

Size:   Small, but she looks medium-sized when her fur gets long.

Diet:   Dog food with an occasional treat and some human food when she quickly vacuums it up off of the floor.

Funny Habit:   Angie likes to lie on her back and get mad at her feet, growling at them and pulsing them quickly in the air (it’s cute I promise!).

Favorite Toy:  A Santa toy that taunts her by telling her to have a Merry Christmas. She doesn’t like that something smaller than her can talk.

Adorable Eccentricity:  Angie displays a high level of excitement whenever we walk through the door. Sometimes when I come home from college after a long stretch, she’ll show me how happy she is by running bizarre, but carefully patterned laps around the living room. Eventually she’ll calm down and snuggle up next to me.

Dislikes:  Baths, or having her fur brushed through. She doesn’t like any sort of primping, as a girl dog maybe should. She thinks she is one of the boys, too!

Things that make her tail wag:  Anyone that comes through the door, speaking to her in a baby voice, massaging her jaw, and for some reason, the San Francisco 49ers.

Funny story:  Angie loves to spend time outside but she doesn’t always spend her time out there responsibly. One day I put her in the backyard to play and when I came back about two minutes later, she was already drenched head to toe (or tail) in mud! She was so happy and pleased with herself, and I almost felt bad giving her a bath!

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