January Pet of the Month: Bodi

by Guest Writer

Name: Bodi

Breed: English Staffordshire

Age: 7

Size: 41lbs

Diet: Bodi’s daily diet consists of fresh meat with rice. I also like to give her a big fresh bone from the butcher fortnightly to keep her teeth and gums healthy. What really gets her tail wagging though, is a tablespoon of peanut butter or ice-cream!

Funny Habit: One of Bodi’s favorite times of the year is Christmas, she absolutely loves opening presents. She will carefully pick her present up, trot to a quiet place in the house such as her bed, and carefully yet ever-so-eagerly open her present.

Favorite Toy: Anything that squeaks and isn’t hers….Sorry other dogs!

Adorable Eccentricity: Bodi loves to be spooned when sleeping (Yes, it’s true, I sleep with her in my bed). She jumps onto the bed and will position herself next to me, with her back pressed against my stomach so that I naturally become the big spoon. Oh and did I mention that she does this after she wiggles her way under the duvet?

Dislikes: When I cuddle or show affection to anyone else but her. If I even dare to hug a family member, partner or friend in front of her, Bodi is on my lap, persistently pushing her little face and paws between me and the other person.

Things that make her tail wag: Peanut butter, tennis balls, massages, mud puddles and playing hide & seek.

Funny Story: When Bodi was only 8 weeks old and strangely but ever-so-cutely resembled a little teacup piglet, I left her alone in my apartment for about 45 minutes with a toilet pad, in the hopes that if nature called, she would know what to do. When I came home, I walked into my house to find my lounge room looking like someone just had a talcum-power party, clearly someone had been having too much fun when I was gone! I eventually found my tiny teacup piglet looking puppy, looking very guilty in the corner of the lounge room, COVERED in white (toilet pad) powder! I quickly learned that she much preferred to tear the toilet pads apart than actually use them.

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