The 6 Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes

by Nick Livermore

Let’s be honest. If you haven’t gotten into subscription boxes yet, you’re late to join the party. Because really… it quite literally is the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve compiled the perfect list to check two of your must haves off the list: these subscription boxes are fun, inventive and eco-friendly. What’s your excuse now? Huh??

1.    The Conscious Box

The folks over at the Conscious Box are totally conscious of your needs to try new “greener” products and have done all the work for you. From snacks, to body care, to cleaning products, each month you’ll try something new.

2.    Yuzen

We all need a little Zen in our life. Yuzen’s got you covered. They not only will send you a box that will nourish your body and soul, but the products are differentiated by season. In their words, it’s “zenfully simple!”

3.    Homegrown Collective

Looking to combine green living with a little DIY? Here’s your chance to do it. Homegrown Collective lets you create your own cheese, home remedies, chocolate bars, bath soak, and olive oil. You’re craftier, you’re greener, it’s the new you!

4.    Wellybox- from Wellyfish

Wellybox calls themselves the “cleanest”, “purest” box out there. But don’t take our word for it…try it yourself.Alert: Make sure you read the fine print. The deals are only hot for a limited time! Leave wellynough alone no longer! (Get it? Wellynough? Well enough?)

5.    Green Craft Kids

Got a kid? If so, you know the value in a good craft activity. Something that can keep those little monsters entertained, enriched, and eco-friendly of course. Green Craft Kid totally gets it. With creative and fun green activities for kids, you’ll be thanking them (and us) for years to come. You’re welcome.

6.    Blissmo

If a box that sends you high quality, healthier, and safer products wasn’t enough, prepare your mind to be blown. With the award-winning company, Blissmo, you’ll get to select one out of three boxes each month, giving you a more personal, customizable experience. Whichever you’re in the mood for — food, personal care, or a seasonal option, you’re in for a blissful treat.

Whether it be a gift for yourself, a loved one, or heck, even that someone you just “have to buy a present for”, subscription boxes are your answer to one happy customer.

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