Herb Prep – Size Matters

by Sue Taggart

If summertime turns you into a fresh herb fanatic, you are not alone! There is nothing better than a just caught trout stuffed with lemon slices and fresh herbs cooked to perfection on the grill. Well, maybe a wonderful grass-fed steak grilled medium rare topped with a knob of butter and chopped fresh herbs (or portabella mushrooms for a vegetarian option). What about pasta and fresh peas with homegrown basil for the perfect topping…sounds good to me!   Whether you grow your own, or get them from your local farmers market, just picked herbs elevate even the simplest dish. They are perfect for casual summer cooking and are incredibly versatile. Here are a few simple “Herb Prep Tips”… get chopping!



Coarsely Chopped

When you coarsely chop herbs, it lets their flavor stand out. Perfect for showering over a just made salad or fresh-baked pizza.


Finely Chopped

This releases the herb’s oils into foods faster delivering a punch of flavor. Think finely chopped cilantro in pico de gallo



This cut produces an elegant look combined with a prominent flavor. You can stack broad-leaf herbs like basil and mint and cut into thin strips. Perfect sprinkled onto chilled summer soups.




Great for a casual look. Gently tear soft-leaved herbs such as basil, dill, and cilantro. I love to top a simple pasta with torn basil, or fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, but you can basically use this method to top anything you want.

Enjoy a herbaceous summer season!!

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