Wellness Mondays: Our 5 Pillars of Wellness


We are bombarded daily with the demands of life including a busy schedule, the demands of work, inadequate family or personal time, not enough rest, and environmental challenges. But in the midsts of all that we need to remind ourselves about living with purpose and putting our wellness first.  These are the 5 most important pillars of wellness that we hope to share with you.

Healthy Body  

Having a healthy diet is not about starving your body but about finding a healthy balance. The rewards of nurturing our body and mind are immense and will help us lead better and longer lives.  Always remember that is just as important to feed your body with healthy food as it is to feed your soul with a positive mindset.

Healthy Home

What do we mean by a healthy home? Does your home bring you a sense of calm and balance or do you live in chaos? Often we don’t practice what we preach and create a home that doesn’t reflect our values.  We believe that our homes should be an extension of who we are by providing us with a space to be inspired bring out the best in us.

Green Lifestyle 

Taking care of the planet we live in is very important to us. We are trying to incorporate more and more lifestyle changes in our daily routines, to live in a way that harms the environment as little as possible, and helping to preserve our planet and ecosystem.

Daily Meditation

Meditation can become the foundation of a more peaceful life. There is no wellness plan without meditation! Meditation helps you cope with stress and with all the challenges life will bring. You don’t even have to be a pro – maybe even try an app to guide you! Our favorite meditation app is Calm – check it out!


Setting goals and working towards achieving them can give us a bigger purpose in life.  Start with small goals and work your way up. The root of all the motivation or inspiration you have ever felt in your life are because of goals. Goal setting provides you the foundation for your drive.