February Pet of the Month: Luna

by Raquel Torres

Name: Luna

Parent: Raquel Torres

Breed: Labrador / Pitbull mix

Age: 3 months

Birthday: September 25th, 2014

Size: 20 Pounds and growing! She is predicted to be a medium to large dog, however we are all hoping for large!

Diet: Luna goes crazy for milk bones! She loves chicken, pork, beef etc. you name it she’ll eat it.

Favorite toy: Her purple unicorn

Funny Habit: When my mom leaves her bedroom door open, Luna loves to run in, grab her slippers and hide them.

Adorable Eccentricity: Luna has not mastered the art of walking yet…instead she prefers to gallop and jump to her destinations.

Dislikes: Luna does not take direction very well, I like to say that she marches to the beat of her own drum. She also hates plastic bags and the sound of coins.

Things that make my tail wag: She loves socializing!  A couple times a week I take her to our neighbor’s house. She also loves to dress up whether it is a t-shirt or to get in the spirit of the holidays.


Funny Story: Luna was actually recently baptized! I ran across an article on dogs being baptized on Eco18 (http://eco18.com/pet-baptisms/)  and convinced my father, who is a pastor, that Luna needed a baptism. For the big day Luna wore a gorgeous white dress and was surrounded by her closest friends and family! Luna was overjoyed with her new godparents, who happen to be our neighbors and her mini dog reception afterwards!


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