Fashion Activism: Say It With A T-Shirt

by Guest Writer

From the streets to fashion shows, people are making strong messages with what they are wearing. Inspired by the campaign and then election, both women and men have taken their feelings about feminism and immigration and have created unique ways to express themselves.

To be honest, as someone who’s part of the millennial era, this outburst of advocacy in fashion has made me feel real good because it shows the world that we care and are not scared to speak up. My hope is that this becomes the norm and not just a circumstantial fad – we must continue to use our platforms to speak for human rights.

During fashion week, these were a few of my favorites:


photo by: Business of Fashion

Hilfiger used white bandanas in his runway show -models, influencers, and guests joined together to show the world that they believed in the common bonds of humankind – regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion.


Siriano is already known for stepping outside the lines of “conventional” fashion shows – his runway models are diverse in background, so it was no surprise that he had one of his models advocating for human rights with a “people are people” t-shirt with all the funds of the t- shirt going to ACLU.

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