Beach Bag Essentials

by Trinidad Id

Although my first thought every Saturday morning is: “Beach, please,” my second and mandatory idea is: what to put in my bag. Thanks mom for being such a great example of living a healthy lifestyle and being skincare obsessed.

That’s why after choosing The Rockaways as the easiest route to paradise, I chose my bike over the lovely MTA transportation, and prepared my beach bag with all the must-need for a pleasant half-day getaway.

Here’s a quick list of what you should not forget in that cute beach bag:

– Water: In any shape or form, H2o will be your best friend when the normal is to deal with high temperatures and sticky weather. Hydrate as much as you can. Not a fan of plain water? Go one step further and try coconut water for non traditional flavors and double hydration.

– SPF: You’re not going to your patio for 30 minutes, so please do not even consider anything below 50 for SPF. You’ll thank me later for a long lasting tanning with no signs of burning or peeling skin.

– Hat: Panama style, Havana style, Brooklyn style. Give an extra touch to your outfit and extra protection to your face that, in “beach mood,” suffers from all wind, sand and sea issues.

– Book: This is your “me-time”, and there’s no better time or excuse to read in peace that favorite book that will unplug your mind from the routine.

– XL towel or blanket: So, we never actually discuss this too much, but there’s nothing better than having A LOT of space (free of sand) to place all your stuff, and most importantly, your bikini body. I prefer beach blankets because they are lighter and cuter, but both work well when the goal is to achieve your “me-time” with maximum comfort.

– Extra outfit: Steamy weather demands and an extra outfit. You’ll be happy by the end of the day to change into new clothes, salt and sand free.

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