Back to School: Staying green no matter the grade

by Guest Writer

In just a few more weeks, summer will be coming to a close. That means goodbye swimsuits, hello school season! We have to admit, going back to school may not be something you’re looking forward to, but luckily there are plenty of eco friendly back to school items that will make hitting the books a bit more exciting!


Parents, it’s finally happening. It’s time to kiss your little ones goodbye for a few hours out of the day. You want to make sure your babies don’t go hungry or sleepy throughout the day! To keep your mind at ease, take a look at these two elementary school necessities.

A cool camo lunch bag 

This guy will keep a juice box cool while still looking cool to your little ones! Reusable, unlike a brown paper bag, and easy to wash out for those sticky pb&j incidents.

Chubby colored pencils 

Getting a grip on those thin colored pencils might be a bit difficult for your little one. These chubby colored pencils are non-toxic and are in between a crayon and a colored pencil. Don’t worry, they’re not growing up too fast.

For you, mom and dad. Here are some eco-friendly tissues to bring along with you to the bus stop in the morning. Trust us, you’re going to need them.



A tween’s dream—off to middle school

Ah, middle school. You’re really starting to sprout, kid.

Chevron Aqua Backpack 

Don’t ditch the colorful stuff yet! Colors can still be cool. Just like this cool blue backpack.


Stylish Sanuks

We know you want some extra sleep, so put on a pair of shoes that feel like slippers! Sanuks are handmade and vegan friendly.



Too cool for high school 

Yes! High school! Time to join a club, or a sports team. Perhaps stray away from the “I hate my parents club.” When they say you can’t go to that party, they’re just looking out for you.

Eco Lunch Box

Ditch the school cafeteria lunches and start packing your own with this sleek and chic eco-friendly lunch box!

Green Notes

Take you biology notes eco-friendly style. Notes about green stuff on green stuff. Don’t worry there’s not a pop quiz on that.



College Smollege

At this point, you’re over it…right? Don’t throw all of your cares out the window! The only thing you should be drinking at 3 a.m. is water. Go to class, but sometimes it’s OK to take a mental health day…that doesn’t mean a hungover Netflix binge day.

Eco friendly coffee cup 

Carry your morning coffee (aka nectar of the gods for your 8 a.m. class) in a reusable cup, or bring your reusable mug to the coffee shop!

Laptop backpack 

Say goodbye to lightweight textbooks and taking notes by hand. You’re going to have to carry your laptop with you every single day. Pack it up in this eco friendly Patagonia backpack that fits books and laptops!


Go luck going back to school kids! 

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