How To Have A Mindset Of A Champion Boxer

by April Donelson

For the past year and a half I have been practicing the art of boxing about three days a week and I have to say it has completely changed my life, not only physically by toning up my body and giving me more endurance but also mentally.  Traditional boxing may just come off as a sport where you are trying to beat up your opponent and knock them out as quickly as possible…but the mindset of a champion is much more than that!



If you’re planning on being a champion boxer (or really a champion at anything in life) self-confidence is extremely important. Asking yourself questions like “Are my reflexes too slow?” or “Will I ever actually succeed in boxing?” will never get you anywhere. Focusing on the negative and having self-doubt will just continue to slow you down. Being a real boxer who is planning on going into the ring and kick some butt does not have time to worry about those type of questions, because without a clear head and confidence you will never win or succeed. I haven’t even had my first real fight yet in front of a crowd, but because I’ve been working hard every day and telling myself I have the potential to be a champion, I know I will be.



Everyday is a new challenge when boxing, even when just going to a class where I’m punching the bag the entire time it still gives me a rush of endorphins and makes me feel like I’m taking on some sort of a challenge. Ever since I started boxing I feel like I have something too look forward too every day when I wake up! The fact that I get to go to the gym later in the day and put those wraps and gloves on and do the thing I am most passionate about in life is pretty exciting and with excitement that brings success. Athletes who dread going to the gym daily or showing up to practice are never going to be champions, yes they may be strong and be able to physically be a champion from time to time by winning a game or match, but they are not champions mentally.



Knowing that you have the support of your friends and family is extremely important in boxing, because it’s an individual sport you don’t have team members (besides your coach) to rely on.  As soon as I tell friends or family members of mine that I am a boxer and that I’m training to fight in the ring someday soon, they instantly show interest in learning more about what I’m doing and ask if they can come support and cheer me on when I do fight. When the people that matter to me the most in life are interested in supporting me doing what I’m so passionate about it makes me want to become a champion even more.



Boxers know more than anyone that it takes time to be good. Even if you’re naturally athletic, to be able to get down the perfect form and feel comfortable getting in the ring and defending yourself it takes some time. Personally I know that I’m not going to do my first actual fight until I’m 100% ready for it, by not rushing into things I believe that when I am ready I will dominate and be at my full potential.


Avoid Negativity

This is one of my favorite tips! I have never been one to keep negative people in my life, but ever since I started boxing I have focused even more on removing all negativity from my life. Whether it’s someone you may be training with that doesn’t want you to get better or a friend outside of the gym that is a negative person, his or her goal is to shut you down and a champion doesn’t have time for that! If you are trying to get stronger physically and emotionally these type of people need to be eliminated from your circle.


Practicing any sport can positively benefit your physical and mental well-being. What sport do you take part in to get those endorphins flowing?

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