Kindness: to others and the environment

by Guest Writer

Next week is “Be Kind to Humankind Week.” But being kind should be something we practice everyday, not only to others, but to our environment and ourselves as well. Being kind is more than just a surface compliment, it’s a muscle that should be worked every single day.

Here are a few things our team here at eco18 does to practice kindness:


Donate unused clothing. 

Let’s be real. Everyone has a few items in their wardrobes that they only wear a couple of times a year. Make a rule for yourself. If you haven’t worn it in the last month, get rid of it. (Referring to seasonal clothing of course. Don’t get rid of your winter coat in the midst of July!) Instead of throwing it out, donate it to a local shelter or donation center. This way, you’re providing the less fortunate with clothing and cutting back on waste by upcycling! Plus, it’ll clear your house and your head of any extra clutter.


Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

Giving a helping hand at animal shelters in your area can be a massive help. With an abundance of animals comes an abundance of work and responsibilities. The more help they have, maybe the more animals that will get adopted! Call around and see which shelters are in need of an extra hand. And hey, you may find a cuddly companion yourself!


Create a “pick-up” group

Live by the beach, a lake, or even a park? These areas are prone to collect trash that can do harm to wildlife in the area. Grab a few friends and take a couple of hours a day to pick up trash in these areas. But don’t stop there! Recycle what can be recycled. This way, the beaches are clean for families, wildlife and yourself. Plus, the more you recycle, the less waste will be disposed of in the landfills.


What do you do to be kind?

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