April Pet of the Month: Berkeley

by Julie Yeagley

Name:  Berkeley aka Berk, aka Lil’ Berk

Parents: Leslie and Nick

Breed:  Lab Mix–or so they said when we adopted her. We speculate there is some Shepherd in her.

Age:  7 months. Her 1st birthday is August 31.

Size:  Medium-Large. Nick is crossing his fingers and toes that she will be large, but I think she’s going to be stuck with medium.

Diet:  Dog food, dog treats, and carrots–although she won’t turn her nose up to any other human food she can get her paws on.

Funny Habit:  Berkeley likes to lay on her back with a squeaky toy in her mouth and squeak as fast as she can.

Favorite Toy:  Anything that squeaks. The louder the better.  We are always stitching and rotating toys as they often need to be stitched up or replaced.

Adorable Eccentricity: Berkeley is a lover–she always wants to make you feel loved and be loved. When she wants your attention, she will come up to you and tap you with her nose or paw your calf as you walk by.  She also gets so excited to see one of us walking towards her when one of us is walking to meet the other.  We often let her go when we are within a couple hundred yards and she sprints as fast she can to the other parent.

Dislikes: Traffic–she gets motion sickness. Berkeley gets excited to go places, but as soon as we are in traffic (which is as soon as we leave Hoboken-gotta love NJ!) she throws up.

Things that make her tail wag:  Food, anyone that walks in the front door, and especially the sight of other dogs.

Funny story:  Berkeley has a love for moisturizer. Whenever she sees someone coming from the shower, she chases them trying to lick their legs until they are covered up!

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