Earth Day Events 2014

by Stephanie

Earth Day began on April 22nd 1970 in the United States during the turbulent 70s era. Thousands protested against the negative effects that pollution had on their cities. Since that day,  environmental movements to fight for cleaner cities and an overall cleaner environment are  occurring worldwide. Today Earth Day is celebrated throughout the U.S. and many cities  engage in their own events to help continue this legacy that began nearly 40 years ago.

Here are some top green cities engaging in Earth Day 2014:

New York City – April 22nd-April 24th in Union Square/Grand Central

Many Earth Day events are happening throughout the months of March and April in NYC, but Union Square on April 22nd from 11am-7pm is having a green vehicle runway show/exhibition, environmental exhibits, green product samples, e-waste collections, and green travel exhibits, along with an after-work concert to end the day. Grand Central, April 22nd-April 23rd, is having many eco-friendly exhibits outside of East 43rd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue.

New Jersey – April 19th-April  27th

Events will be occurring throughout the whole NJ state, but in Camden, NJ on April 26th there’s The Cherry Hill Earth Festival at Croft Farm. This event is expected to have about 60 eco- friendly vendors, along with educational and engaging displays, entertainment, also a 25- mile bike ride. It has previously attracted large crowds of family and friends looking to help  promote their sustainable city of Camden, NJ.

Washington, D.C. – Union Station- April 1st-April 30th

For the whole month of April, interactive eco-friendly events take place in Washington, D.C. These activities,  presented by The Earth Day Network and the Premier Tourist and Landmark Association,  include alternative energy demonstrations, green fashion shows, discussion panels, contests,  green giveaways and entertainment.

San Francisco – April 19th at The U.N. Plaza/Civic Center

In 2013, around 10,000 local people engaged in Earth Day activities and this year it’s highly  anticipated to have the same outcome. This year’s event will include multi-cultural   music performances, green-economy and businesses info, fashion industry leaders, prominent  eco-friendly political officials, green tech Info, interactive D.I.Y. workshops, and much more.

Austin, Texas – The Historic Browning Hangar at Mueller, April 26th

This Earth Day Event is having over 75 exhibitors related to eco-friendly, green non-profit organizations and businesses. Many speakers and politicians are expected to be engaged in the  event and many other events and activities that are entertaining for all ages.

Want to find some Earth Day events closest to your community? Look on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website to become involved in events that are fun learning experiences, and committed to help protecting our environment.

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