5 Tips to Keep You Motivated to Workout

by Danielle Schufreider

It can be hard to maintain your fitness motivation during the winter with cold weather, fewer hours of daylight and stress from the holidays. Don’t let your workout routines slip away this season. Here are five tips to keep you motivated and on track.


  1. Do a 30 Day Challenge


If you need an extra boost of motivation this winter to make sure you don’t skip getting in your daily workout, consider following one of the many 30-day fitness challenges you can find online. The 30-day abs and squat challenges are great ways to keep those hard to tone areas in shape and strong during a season where you may not hit the gym as much as you’d like to.


  1. Purchase New Fitness Gear


Buying new workout gear could be the push you need to make it to your workouts this season. Treat yourself to an early holiday gift that is comfortable and functional enough to wear year-round.


  1. Invest in Home Fitness Equipment


If you are snowed in or can’t bear the thought of bundling up to head to a gym, purchase a few fairly inexpensive and versatile pieces of equipment to use in the comfort of your own home.  You can get in a great heart pumping workout with a jump rope and a set of weights.


  1. Get a Workout Partner


Having a workout partner is a great way to ensure you commit to working out. Schedule a few set times each week to hit the gym together or to go for a run.


  1. Switch it Up


A great way to keep yourself feeling excited about working out is to try something new and keep your body hallenged. Many fitness studios offer deals on class packages during the holiday season. Keep an eye out for these especially on January 1. Check to see if your city offers a special deal for new Class Pass members and sign up for a one-month trial.



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