5 Ways To Minimize The Germs At The Gym

by Guest Writer

We workout to stay healthy but little do we know how germ infested the gym facilities are. Unfortunately, as you workout to get that summer body, you might also be getting a load of germs with it. Free weights, locker room, the mats, and cardio machines are some of the places with the highest levels of germs in the gym. One study found rhinoviruses (the culprit behind the common cold) on 63 percent of gym equipment! Of course, we are not going to tell you to stop working out but here are 5 tips to keep in mind the next time you do!!


  1. Spray down all equipment with disinfectant spray before and after using:  This might be a rule at your gym, but that doesn’t mean that all people follow these rules. Make sure you always wipe it because you never know.
  2. Hand Sanitizer: Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your gym bag to use immediately following a workout.
  3. Bring your own yoga mat and towel:  who knows how many people have sweat on those yoga mats at the gym before you lay down on it and as much as we would like to hope they are, the towels offered at your gym might not have been washed as thoroughly as you would like and even if the mats are wiped, it might still have germs.
  4. Always place a towel on any equipment that you are going to sit on.
  5. Sanitize your smartphone – Grabbing your phone, iPod or another device to change the tunes or switch machines transfer germs from your hands to the device. Use a sanitizing wipe on the screen and the case to rid your device of icky microbes.

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