What We are Thankful For

by Juliette Baumann

Thanksgiving is a day when we spend time with friends and family over a delicious, homemade feast. It is most importantly a time to give thanks and to acknowledge all that we are fortunate enough to have. Enjoy your turkey, play a game of football, and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but just be sure to take a moment to share with everyone what you are thankful for.


We here at Eco18 decided to share with you what we are thankful for in the hopes that we will inspire you to do the same!


In today’s climate of division, opposition, selfishness and no moral high ground, I’m thankful that there are still some people who will stand up for their beliefs, do the right thing, take care of the planet, and act like real human beings with a conscious and a love for their fellow man/woman! And, I’m truly grateful for all the good people in my life who make every day better.



This Thanksgiving, I am so thankful to be surrounded by my closest family and friends, and am excited to celebrate positivity, love and good fortune for the upcoming year. With what feels like a year filled with devastating events and a hostile political climate, what’s most important is to celebrate all the good that exists, and to make the most of the time we have with the people we love. I am looking forward to spending quality time talking, laughing and especially eating with family, while taking some time to relax and to put into perspective what really matters at the end of the day. Happy Thanksgiving!

– Sara


In the world that we live, where things happen so fast and where tolerance and harmony seem to be lacking, Thanksgiving is a beautiful and necessary celebration to keep families, friends, and people in general anchored to the values that really matter. I’m sure that every generation has an opinion about the way the world is going. And indeed, it seems like the world has gone crazy, from politics, to the more visible effects of climate change and the social disparities among people, which seems to be getting deeper.

This is why on the eve of Thanksgiving, I’m hoping for perspective so I can observe this and many other issues with the right mind and value the things that matter the most to me: my family, which I’m thankful for because even though things are not perfect at the end having them makes a big difference in my life; they inspire me and give me hope about a better future. I am also thankful for being alive because it gives me the opportunity to try my best the next day. I’m also thankful for my good health because it’s a gift that I don’t take for granted.

This year I’m also thankful for the many changes I have gone through, because they were all necessary.



Over the past year, a lot of things have changed. As time goes by, people gets busier, it can be hard to keep up with friends and sometimes, even family. What I am most thankful for this year is being able to spend time with my family. Luckily, I have a very close-knit family that lives nearby. I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of my time growing up with my cousins and being doted on by my grandparents. There is nothing that makes my holiday season happier than being able to be surrounded by family!



On this Thanksgiving, I am extremely thankful for all family members and friends that have made this past year an amazing one. Transitioning to a new city is never easy and I could not have done it alone. I am thankful to enjoy coming into work every day and learn from the talented people around me. I hope to celebrate and transition into a new year that is positive and full of good fortune for everyone.



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