Tis’ the Season to Give Back

by Guest Writer

The holidays are filled with family, friends, food and fun, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. According to the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, there is an average of 3.5 million homeless people every year. Approximately 35 percent of those are families.

Giving back to those less fortunate isn’t as difficult as some people think. Donating canned goods to a local food drive only costs a few extra dollars. That’s less than one holiday Starbucks coffee!

But giving back doesn’t always cost money. Volunteer work costs nothing but a few hours of your time. Students around college campuses are stepping up to the plate this holiday season and searching for ways to give back.

Here are a few examples of students who are already giving back:

“As a whole, East Carolina University gives back by recycling. All around campus, outside, in all of the eating facilities and in the dorms there are recycling bins. Outside of that there are plenty of sororities, fraternities, clubs, organizations and sports that each do their own community work. Whether it’s working with children, or collecting clothes and food for the less fortunate. They do a lot. Me personally, I give back by tutoring children before, during, and after school.”

– Taylor Brogan, senior at East Carolina University

“I do a lot of volunteer work personally. I volunteer at the senior center, a few local schools, the Make a Wish foundation and service Raleigh.”

– Heather Sullivan, senior at North Carolina State University

“I’ve seen Elon University giving back to the community through its strong support and encouragement of student volunteer and service work. I personally have found the best ways to give back are the smallest things. Supporting local businesses, respecting those with cultural differences and even just giving a stranger a smile.”

–Daniel Spiller, senior at Elon University

“When we’re seniors, we each have a class gift. Each graduating class has two co-chairs who create the event and choose what is that we as a class donate. For example, one year they donated a sidewalk. This year we have decided to do our own donations individually. We each, on our own, fill out an envelope and give money to any part of the school we’d like. So I could donate to a department at school or to a gym. “

–Madison Brendle, senior at Meredith College

How does your college community give back? Make sure to let us know!

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