Christmas Decorating On A Budget: 5 Easy Tips For Decorating Your Apartment

by Jon Porcasi

Decorating the home is one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Ever since I was a child, I would always look forward to this time of year, knowing that my surroundings would soon be experiencing a make-over. 2014 for me is a special year, for it marks the first year I have lived away from my childhood home, and finding new and creative ways to decorate my apartment has become my mission this holiday season. Below are 5 tips I’ve learned from this year’s experience-for making the best holiday decor for the home:

Tip 1: Find one piece that is a conversation starter:

Probably my favorite find this year was made at Home Goods, where I purchased a pair of Penguin Statues, that were about 2 feet tall each. These little guys I have strategically placed within my living room, and they definitely bring a whimsical touch to the decor, referencing everyone’s favorite pair of gay penguins from Parks & Recreation.

Tip 2: Think outside the box:

Rather then spend a ton of money on ornaments, I decided to adorn my tree with different types of ribbon. This not only created a unique look, but it was also more budget friendly than glass ornaments, and gives it a more natural feel.

Tip 3: Creating a floral arrangement that has longevity:

I decided to purchase some faux branches and twigs from a local craft store-that I used to create this arrangement. By keeping the arrangement simple, utilizing natural and winter colors, and putting them in an interesting vessel, the piece finds a unique home within my living room that can stay up past the holidays and well into the winter months.

Tip 4: Smells add ambiance too:

I love candles. They are calming and can add a sensory experience to any room. For the holidays my scent suggestions would be those that are natural; Pine, Fir and Woodsy scents are very appealing. I would stay away from those dessert flavored scents that adorn your local Yankee Candle Shop. These types of smells should be reserved for when you are actually baking cookies or making pies. That being said Christmas trees give off he best holiday scents and spirits.

Tip 5: Don’t overdo it:

Your holiday decorations should act as an accent to your home decor, not take over it. It is important to keep everything a bit simpler then what you would see in a department store showroom. You don’t want to over do it and have your living room look like Santa’s workshop.

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