The Sounds Of Silence

by Sue Taggart

Have you ever really noticed that it’s almost impossible to be in a silent world? Most of us are inundated with noise 24/7. Much of it is white noise, in the background , barely recognizable, but a lot of it is bone jarring in your face noise from the busy modern world we inhabit. And many of us block that out with…well more noise, noise of our choice, but noise all the same.

We all crave peace and quiet at some time or another, and often feel frustration when quiet is impossible to find, then so is peace. Popping in those ear buds or putting on noise canceling headphones is not always the answer—except on a long flight full of screaming kids, then it becomes a matter of survival and sanity!

If a little peace and quiet is something that eludes you, and you can’t shut out the world around you, then ty try to find some spaciousness within the sounds of life. Are you ready?

Sit comfortably. Take a few steady slow breaths in and out to get settled. Instead of trying to take in all the sounds around you, locate just one to focus on. It could be the soft whirring of an overhead fan, or the tinkling sound of windchimes in the breeze. Just let your attention stay with that sound for a while. Then find a different sound. Maybe a dog barking, or water running. After a few short moments, find another sound. Finally, relax your attention so that it expands to include all the sounds. You’ll notice that some come and go and some stay, but all of them change. Whether you live in a city or closer to nature, sound is always all around you! This is the soundscape of your day, made up of noises and the spaces in between the noise.

The sounds of silence can be the rhythm of your life, just let them wash over you like the wind!

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