5 Ways To Disconnect and Appreciate Nature

by Juliette Baumann

Living in a world that is more electronically connected than ever – it can feel like you are always online. Finding a way to separate virtual life and reality can be tough. We have rounded up 5 ways to disconnect and be more in touch with nature.

  • If you Have an iPhone Utilize ‘Screen Time” 

Apple rolled out a new feature called “Screen Time” which allows you to set limitations on social networking apps. These limitations allow you have to full control over the amount of time you spend on these apps. Sometimes seeing how many hours you spend can serve as a great wakeup call. A lot of the time we spend hours on apps that fill our mind with non-sense. These hours of scrolling take away from hours that were previously spent out doors or appreciating nature. 

  •  Charge your Phone and Computer in a Separate Room.

Not having your phone or computer by your side 24/7 gives you a new sense of freedom. Try to get used to leaving the house or even your general space without an electronic item. Use this method to bring back the feeling of exploring while being disconnected. 

  • Use a Planner  

For hundreds of years people has been watching what they eat, whether it is through diet, planning meals or by counting calories. Lets bring that tactic over to electronic use. By using a planner you can schedule time to ‘disconnect’ and go for a walk. 

  • Buy a Book 

When is the last time you read a paper book? Not on a kindle or an iPad. Reading a paper book not only separates you from electronics but gives your eyes a break.

  • Go off the Grid One Night a Week

For one night a week try to commit to no electronics. Make sure you prewarn those who you usually communicate with to not give them a scare. A great to use this night is by picking up a cook book and creating a beautiful dish for yourself to enjoy.  

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