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by Sofia

Our August DIY roundup is fun, summer fashion! We almost have an entire DIY outfit here with these 5 picks. You can make these bleached tribal shorts as a Sunday Funday project, or whip up some cool and funky nail art before going out Friday night. Let creativity run, and you’ll appreciate your lovely attire and accessories even more once you’ve made them yourself!

1. Boho Bleached Summer Shorts

This is a bit of a more complicated DIY, but with really cute results. Bleached-bottom shorts with tribal shapes! You will need: Jeans or longer shorts (can get from goodwill, or an old pair), exacto knife, scissors, sand paper, bleach, and black sharpies (you can try other colors). First, take your shorts and sit them in a bucket with half bleach/half water for about 20-30 minutes. Let them air dry for a little and then stick them in the dryer to fully dry them. After that, cut the shorts with scissors to your desired length. Then with the exacto knife and sand paper, rough up the shorts for that fringy look. After cutting, wash them alone, then dry again. And then the fun part! Design your shorts with sharpies, or dye them with other colors. This is a harder DIY due to the bleaching. Go into it knowing the first pair might not come out perfect.

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2. Tribal Nail Art

Crazy nail art is a rising trend, especially this summer. An easy way to accomplish having cool, tribal nail patterns is simple—with tape! Start by picking two nail polish colors that match well together, one for base and one for the triangle (light pink & gold, black & white, clear and light green, etc.). Then, paint the base coat and let it fully dry. Get your tape, and place on the nail so it creates a triangle. You can make other shapes with the tape as well – be creative! Then, paint on your second color. Let it dry, and take the tape off. Voilà!

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3. T-Shirt Summer Shoes (Simple or Gladiator)

For this DIY you will need flip flops (can be used flip flops to be more ecofriendly), scissors, piece of chalk or marker, craft knife, heavy duty waterproof glue, recycled T-shirts, screw driver, flat butter knife or thin plastic ruler to stuff fabric into the solves, and clamps (can use heavy books). Making these wonderful shoes is quite the process. For the entire step-by-step assembly, visit



4. Chain & Neon Lanyard Bracelet

Remember making lanyard bracelets in summer camp? It’s fun, and this time is more fashionable! All you need is scissors, a chain (you can use from an old necklace), and colorful lanyard string. The chain should be at least 3 or 4 inches long, and should wrap around half of your wrist. Playful colors are yellows, pinks, or teals. Match it with other bracelets! Weave the bracelet in the box formation. Here’s how to weave it exactly: When you get towards the end of the lanyard to meet the chain, tie it and then use a lighter to melt the knots together to firmly stay. Now you have a sweet little creation to wear with you always! We were inspired by this DIY when we found it on Lauren Conrad’s site under her crafts selection. Check out her other chic creations!


5. Pastel Braided Scarf

The last DIY in this trendy list is the braided scarf! Although it is still summer time, you can wear a fun double fabric braided scarf when it’s chilly at night. Plus, you can keep wearing it into fall, and make thicker ones for winter – an endless DIY! You will need two long rectangles of soft fabric (can be cut from old large t-shirts to be eco-friendly). You will also need thread the same color as the fabric and a hand-sewing needle. Fold the rectangles and sew each fabric so they’re tubular. Then, make your braid:

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Tell us here at Eco18 which of these DIYs you have tried, which was your favorite, and how the crafty process went. If there are any other DIY projects you’re curious about, tell us and we’ll feature it in another Top DIY article!


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