The Current State Of Planned Parenthood

by Guest Writer


Planned Parenthood’s current budget situation should worry us all. Trump has said that if Planned Parenthood continues performing abortions, it will be defunded. A majority of federal funding comes from Medicaid reimbursements because people with low income rely on the health care coverage of Medicaid to come to PP. To be clear, this organization does more than give women the resources to have an abortion (which represents only 3% of the services they provide). Over 2 million people (mostly under 30 years old) seek out PP to provide access to screenings, treatments and the opportunity to access health care.


So what does this mean for us all? Well for starters this puts in jeopardy the health of millions of women in our country. This becomes not only an issue of abortion rights but more importantly the right to health care. If PP is defunded women won’t have access to cancer screenings and Pap Smears, HIV testing, birth control and so on. Do you see how this can become a very BIG problem? Legislators are even estimating the cost of Medicaid births to go up to 21 Million in the first year and 77 million by 2026. The budget cuts will not only triple cost for births but isolate low income families from getting the proper and necessary health care in our country.


How can YOU help out?



Your money can continue helping millions of women get access to health care. It also shows our government that we are united and won’t let politics get in the way of human rights.


Join our communities that are fighting out on the streets to keep funding then reach out to your local government. If you have the time, you can support by volunteering in a local clinic!


Don’t take for granted social media outlets that can provide a platform to reach millions of people! Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to speak up!

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