The Alliance to End Plastic Waste

by Juliette Baumann

Plastic items have been known to help improve our standard of living, hygiene, and overall nutrition.  If you take a moment and look around you are bound to be surrounded by numerous forms of plastic – small or large. Yet with all the positive contributions that plastic has made, we are left with HUGE issues. 

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste has joined forces with governments at the national, regional and municipal level and society to bring new ideas to the table to reduce our use of plastic. The Alliance to End Plastic Waste has committed over $1 billion with hopes to invest $1.5 over the next five years. Pepsi, McDonald’s, Evian, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, BASF, Dow and Formosa Plastics Corp. USA, are just some of the big names that are making an effort to decrease their plastic footprint.

Future plans for the alliance include partnering with cities to design new waste system in densely populated urban areas. Cities alongside rivers or the ocean have a higher pollution rate – giving these plastics direct access to our beaches and sea life.

The funding will contribute The Incubator Network by Circulate Capital to bring minds together and push the bar in developing technologies, business models and entrepreneurs that prevent ocean plastic waste and improve waste management and recycling. 

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