Sleeping in the Tree Tops

by Guest Writer

A few weekends ago I was invited to my friend’s family reunion party in Massachusetts. The house where the party was held was a 40-minute drive away from civilization on a beautifully renovated property tucked away in the Berkshire Mountains. I had heard about the host couple’s house on our drive up and have been hearing about their “Guest Tree House” for months. My friend and I were offered the chance to sleep in the tree house after the party and with out hesitation we said “yes”. The thought that ran through both of our minds was “how many people can say that they have slept in a tree house?” After our experience I did some research and came to find that we were unfortunately not pioneers of sleeping in canopies.

All around the world from pine forests to rain forests, tree house hotels have branched out and become a specialized section of the hotel industry. During my search I found that there are all different shapes, sizes and price ranges when it comes to tree house accommodations. Below are a few resorts to give a better idea of what you might find when looking for a hotel with a more natural aesthetic.

1. Treehotel

This boutique tree house hotel has been recognized around the world and was awarded one of Sweden’s most prestigious travel awards, the Grand Tourism Award, in 2011. The hotel is tucked in the Lule River Valley and provides a luxurious eco-friendly way for guest to experience the beauty of Sweden. Currently, the hotel has five rooms open for reservations, each room having it’s own character and charm. At Treehotel, guests have the choice to stay in a UFO, an invisible cube, a bird’s nest or a cabin. Which would you pick?

2. Green Magic Nature Resort

Have you ever wondered how it felt to live like Tarzan? From the suspension bridge walkways, to pulley elevator made out of cane, the Green Magic Nature Resort has all of the ingredients for a once in a lifetime Rain Forest adventure. These tree houses can be found in South Eastern India, 70 feet in the air of course. The Green Magic Nature Resort group has been in business for about 36 years and has created many unique housing options for groups looking to visit the rain forest. When planning your trip you can choose between a tree house, cave house or a houseboat.

3. Cedar Creek Treehouse

If you’re heading out to Washington State and looking for eco-friendly accommodations the Cedar Creek Treehouse may be just the place for you. This one-room hotel gives you 360 views of Mount Rainier National Park from a birds eye view (50 feet above the forest floor). To keep with the Cedar Creek Treehouse’s eco-friendly mantra, the electricity in the house is generated through the use of solar panels.

No matter what forest you stay in, sleeping in a tree house is a one unique vacation experience that you will never forget. It gives you the opportunity to see the natural world from a completely different perspective and will help to change up your average vacation routine. So what will it be for your next vacation – Doubletree or tree house?

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