Pet of the Month: Trixie Belle

by eco18

Trixie Belle is a Chow-Chow (pin yin = puffy lion dog) who was rescued in February 2007 by New Yorkers for Companion Animals and now lives in New Jersey with her adoptive parents. Chows  are one of the five oldest known dog breeds in the world and date back to the Han dynasty (206 A.D). Chows were originally bred to be working dogs for the emperors; their short strong, square body types made them excellent for pulling sleighs and their thick fur coats made them capable of braving even the harshest winters with deep snow. They are most recognizable for their gorgeous thick double layer fur coats and of course their black tongues. While the manner of the Chow is often referred to as aloof and “catlike”,  if socialized while young they will become a more outgoing companion and less wary of strangers. Trixie socializes at a community dog run in NJ and has taken part at several charity events including raising money for canine cancer research; while she not considered an “active” dog breed she does enjoy a 5k walk in the park (with a long nap afterward). She has a healthy appetite and her favorite snack is homemade cookies that her owner makes from carob & organic peanut butter.

Name: Trixie Belle
Breed: Chow Chow
Age: unknown—believed to be 9 years old
Size: 32 inches long, 22 inches tall
Her favorite thing to do:  Lay under her Japanese Maple tree to watch the neighbors and her dog boyfriend across the street Alex.
Cool trick: Can hear her parents car from about 3 blocks away and will begin barking to greet them.
Favorite toy: A stuffed pheasant, that no longer has the stuffing or squeaker inside, but she still carries it all around the house and sometimes outside on a walk.
Weird habits: Insomnia; Trixie will patrol the house all night long with only small naps, she prefers to sleep solidly during the day.
Diet: When she was first rescued her owners had to cook for her because she was so sick and couldn’t digest kibble; now her diet consists of Iams natural kibble and organic cookies either homemade or purchased at the store/farmers market.
Things that make her happy: A good brushing, a windy day, belly rubs and cookies.
Dislikes: Being dried with a towel when coming back from being walked in the rain.

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