Pet of the Month: Mango

by Guest Writer

Mango is the cutest thing to jump for kisses this year! (And she’s hypoallergenic!) That’s right! Manny of us have heard of seen of the new poodle crossbreeds dubbed such things a golden-doodle or labra-doodle for the dog lover plagued with sensitive sinuses. Baby Mango is one of these very precious “designer mixes”. She is like her poodle kin in that she is very cleaver but she is also very playful too.  A trait that may be attributed to her Maltese side of the family.

Name: Mango (it reminded her mama of home)

Breed: Miniature Poodle/Maltese

Age: 4 ½ months

Size: 5.6lbs

Favorite habit: Greeting ALL people when out and about.

Cool tricks: She just learned “sit”!

Favorite toy: Rope. It doubles as her cuddle buddy at night.

Adorable Eccentricity: Kisses her mirror image

Diet: Royal canine 3x/day (because growing pups have to eat more!)

Dislikes: Getting her hair brushed.

Things that make her tail wag: The ocean, her family and lots of loving attention.

Keep in mind that “designer breeds” or dogs that are better for those with allergies are not just available from breeders and pet stores. They can also be adopted.


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