Pet of the Month – Comet

by Raquel Torres

Name: Comet

Parent: John Bowe

Breed: Shih Tzu

Age: 5

Birthday: September 13, 2009

Size: Small

Diet: Comet enjoys eating his dry dog food mixed with his wet dog food! He also likes to hang out by the dinner table and pray on any scraps we may drop. However, I do sneak him a piece of chicken every now and then!

Favorite toy: Comet loves to play with all toys, but his favorite to play with is my wiffle ball! Comet is a small dog so regular sized balls are too big for him to hold in his mouth, so the little holes in the wiffle ball fit his mouth perfectly!

Funny Habit: Comet likes to sit at the door and watch the squirrels outside. So every now and then I like to open the back door and watch him run.

Adorable Eccentricity: Comet LOVES belly rubs (what dog doesn’t), but once you stop he will wave his little paws at you telling you to keep going, it is the cutest thing!

Dislikes: Comet does not like to be over cuddled or feel restricted.

Things that make my tail wag: Comet loves chasing after the squirrels in the back yard. He will never catch them but he sure thinks he will. He will play out there for hours trying to catch a squirrel even though we all know it will never happen.

Funny Story: When we first got comet he was so small he was about the size of a tissue box. So when we laid him on the couch for the first time he willed over and got lost between the cushions! It was so adorable because all you could see was hit little head poking out almost saying “a little help here guys!”.

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