Pet of the Month: Cody

by Guest Writer

I’ve always been drawn to the “underdog” type of dog. When i was young, i convinced my mom to let me get a dog. So i went to a local animal shelter and fell in love with the most pathetic, ugliest dog I had ever seen. She was shivering and foaming at the mouth. So of course I took her home. My mother was so not happy. Needless to say, like most rescue dogs she became the love of the entire family because she was so grateful to have been adopted into a loving home.

When i saw Cody (his shelter name was Ralph!) I knew he was the dog for me. Pathetic, frightened, legless–it was love at first sight for both of us. Little did I know what a wonderful, lovable mutt he would turn out to be. He is a joyous, affectionate, goofy boy. He constantly makes me laugh at his crazy antics. He thrives on signs of approval. He loves other dogs, animals, people, kids (a must with my two grandkids) and cats. I have best friends who are totally NOT dog people. Its as if he knows and wants to show them how cool dogs really are. He showers them with love and affection everytime he sees them. I think he’s changing their minds.

I dont think he has a mean bone in his body. He loves to run free on my upstate property. He flies through the woods a million miles an hour with his tongue lolling and a big smile on his face. (Yes, happy dogs do smile). He is a wonderful companion, sitting at my feet waiting for his next adventure.

He hates water and will run at the sight of a hose. He is also frightened of the bellows for the fireplace, telephones, fly swatters, paper towel rolls and other odd things. He was 4 months old when i adopted him , he came from somewhere down South, so not sure what happened the first few months of his life. He is the light of my life.

He and my rescue cat, Nibbles, play constantly. He especially likes to chew on Nibbles white paws or his head. (Very gently of course).

Name: CODY

Breed:  Mutt with golden retriever, lab, collie and who knows what else

Age: 2 years

Size:  45 lbs. Medium sized dog

Diet:  Pedigree and purina

Cool Trick:  Leaps in the air like a gazelle with total abandon and joy. He laughs.

Favorite Toy: Loves any kind of bone. Will gnaw on them for hours. Also likes to remove squeakers from all toys.

Adorable Eccentricity: Puts his head on my knee while i am sitting and will fall asleep standing up.  He loves people, kids, other dogs and cats. Obsessed with squirrels.

Dislikes: water

Things that make his tail wag: He wags his tail alot, especially when he sees certain people. Or whenever i laugh or talk to him. He is a very joyful dog.

Funny Story:  When i first saw him at shelter he was boneless. Couldnt get him to stand up. Asked one of the kids there what was wrong with him. Exact words “he just needs to get out of here”. He was so right. From the moment i got him home he was a happy boy.

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