Pet of the Month: Charlie The Charles

by Guest Writer

Anyone who lives in downtown Manhattan probably sees many King Charles Spaniels. When hearing of this breed it is easy to envision their general sweet disposition. Perhaps if one of them could speak they would say this about themselves: “Dogs are fine, people are better…. I’m going to kiss your face compulsively…never mind because there’s a bird!”  They are peaceful, family friendly dogs that seem to get along with everyone.

Charlie is an insatiably curious, adorable puppy just coming off wee-wee pads. On walks he has to say hello to everyone who looks at him and stop at every store that may be carrying a special “Charlie treat”.

When walking in to greet this little man, Charlie looks up with big trusting eyes, pats his paws in excitement, and shakes his tail so furiously that his entire body wiggles.  Just before kneeling down to him, Charlie’s tongue is already out and aimed to kiss.  One can’t help but fall in love!  Watch out with excited puppies though… he might pee… (oh no)!

Name: Charlie (the Charles)
Breed: Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  (Blenheim refers to his red and white coloring)
Age: 8 months
Size: 8 lbs
Diet: Wellness Health Extension 2x/day
Colorful Habit: Charlie has shopping urges and occasionally wants to run into a store and browse
Cool Tick: When being spoken to he will sit, look up with big puppy eyes, and twist his head
Favorite Toy: A pink stuffed thing that can’t be clearly defined. Let’s dub it “the blob.”
Adorable Eccentricity: When overwhelmed with excitement he looses his bladder (while giving adorable puppy eyes to whomever must clean up)
Dislikes: Stairs
Things that make his tail wag: EVERYTHING!
Fun Story:  Charlie was scheduled to have a play date with former Pet of the Month “Mango.” They are about the same size, age, and social stage. After a few moments of sheer excitement and some fun tumbling in the hallway, someone attempted to take them for their first buddy walk. Fiasco! As soon as they reached the sidewalk, they fell to the ground and started pawing at each other. It was puppy love!

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