Pet of the Month: Charley

by Lauren Verini

Name: Charley

Breed: Beagle / Dachshund

Age: 4 years 5 months

Size: 17 pounds

Diet: Blue brand dog food.  Open bowl can eats when he wants, however, he only eats when people are around him/home with him.

Funny Habit: When Charley gets a bone to chew, he eats it all until there is about 1” of it left.  Then he “hides” it and gets it later.  The thing is he thinks he’s hiding it, but really he places it in front of the couch or the TV stand.  It’s always in plain sight and he’s always so proud of himself.

Cool Trick: Charley can jump pretty high.  It’s impressive what a dog will do for cheese.

Favorite Toy: The oh so annoying squeaky croc shoe

Adorable Eccentricity: Charley is a burrower. He makes sure he is under the same blanket you are, buried so deep he makes you worry he can breathe

Dislikes: Being dressed up. He rebels and stands still, won’t move if you put clothes on him.

Things that make his tail wag: Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Cookies (dog treats), car rides and people.  There is not one person Charley won’t try to lick their face off.

Funny Story: When Charley is upset (usually if left alone too long) he never pees in the house or anything.  Instead, he will move a shoe… just one… from the front door to another spot in the apartment. That’s how you know Charley is mad.


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