Pet of the Month: Avery Trumble Faint

by Guest Writer

Avery Trumble Faint is a constant ball of energy. In addition to playing with her many toys, she enjoys playing dress up and looking good on the streets!  Once during an evening stroll, she was dudded up in her pink raincoat and a passing man said, “That dog’s raincoat is fly.” Yes it was sir, yes it was. That put a little pep in her step!

Avery loves meeting new people and is always eager to say hello and show her love through kisses and little hugs.  She loves to wrap her front legs around your legs and rest her tiny head on your leg. She basks in the glow of giving and receiving love –especially belly rubs, for which she will roll over and guide your hand to her belly while pleading with her eyes for you to oblige. Avery also likes going for runs along Riverside Drive and sleeps like a baby afterwards. Her favorite iTunes play list is “jazzy jams” and she loves relaxing to the likes of Diana Krall and Nina Simone while taking it all in from the comfort of the couch. Avery tends to be an early bird -all that sleeping during the day is exhausting–and hits the hay between 9:00 – 9:30 each night. Doesn’t matter if she is watching an episode of Seinfeld or listening to music, she will just up and go to bed and burry herself under the sheets! Once she is in bed she doesn’t want to be bothered and somehow takes up half the bed with her tiny size. Avery has to be physically pushed over in bed to allow her mommy to join her.  She sure knows how to lie there like dead weight!

Avery has a sweet disposition and a loving nature, and even when she upsets her mommy by becoming Bad Avery, she asks for forgiveness and morphs back into an angel.

Name: Avery Trumble Faint
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Age: 3 1/2
Size: Small enough to fit into a carrier and large enough to represent
on the streets!
Her favorite thing to do: Ruffle through the leaves outside and go for
long walks
Cool trick: Breaking out of her kennel
Favorite toy: Any squeaky one will do.
Weird habits: Removing the garbage out of the bathroom trash can,
shredding the paper and dispersing it all over the floor
Diet: Dry food and a carrot or two as a treat.  She loves ’em!
Things that make her happy: Carrots, sitting on laps, snuggling, and
playing with other doggies.
Dislikes: Being punished when she is Bad Avery, rain, and not being
allowed on a lap for any particular reason.

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