May Pet of the Month: Penny

by Lauren Verini

Penny is an eccentric and super friendly English bulldog. She loves constant affection and attention, and doesn’t understand why everyone that walks by her doesn’t give her a big hug (I don’t really understand that either – with that face how can you not?!). She farts and burps up a storm, and our house hasn’t quite smelt the same since we brought her home but it’s worth it! She loves people, car rides, chewing everything, and family time at night on the couch.

Name: Penny

Breed: English Bulldog

Age: 6 months

Size: 30 lbs

Funny Habit: Penny likes to perch like a little bird when she is trying to get your attention and raise her paws to give you a high five – a trick that we never taught her, she just does it all on her own!

Adorable eccentricity: She insists on keeping all her toys in the middle of the dining room. If we put them away she will immediately put them back in the center of the rug.

Dislikes: Tinfoil is the bane of her existence

Things that make her tail wag:  The minutes we take her outside she runs right to the car.  Nothing makes her happier than sitting in the car, going for a ride, and looking out the window.

Funny Story: Penny loves to be scratched on the chin. She’ll just swing her head back as far as it can go to let you know that’s where she wants to be scratched. Sometimes she swings her head back too much and falls over backwards, it’s hilarious!


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