October Pet of the Month: Grady

by Julie Yeagley

Name: Grady

Parents: Stacey and Brian

Breed: Siamese mix-he is a rescue kitten found in an abandoned building at 4 weeks

Age:  10 weeks

Size: 2 pounds

Diet: Loves raw diet (venison and beef); any weruva brand canned food-for a stray he sure has elitist taste now; and loves turkey scraps

Funny Habit: When he drinks water he is still so tiny that he puts his two front paws in the bowl while he drinks

Favorite Toy: A ball with a bell inside-anything that makes a lot of noise!

Adorable Eccentricity: Grady thinks he is a dog because he has an older dog brother (Shane, 11) and an older dog sister (Rowan, 2); he chases them, jumps on them, rolls on his back and boxes their noses with his paws; then after playing curls up in a little ball on one of their tails.

Dislikes: Getting his regular baths 2x a week and all the meds his mom has to give him for the next two weeks!

Funny story: Grady ran into my daughter’s room and was exploring.  He crawled into her doll house, through the entrance and was peering out the window. When we all noticed, we ran to take pictures and he poked his paw out to play. After that, he would run out, run back in, and loves going in and out. Sometimes he just sits in there and looks out the window. Soon he will be too big for it and will be sad he can’t squeeze in there.

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