November Pet of the Month: Marley!

by Jon Porcasi

Name: Marley

Breed: Shih-Tzu/Cocker Spaniel

Age: 1 years old

Size: 20 pounds

Diet: Everything

Funny Habit: Marley likes to chase her best friend Lola (see the August pet of the month) around the house; Lola usually wins.

Favorite Toy: She just eats.

Adorable Eccentricity: Since Marley is 4 lbs overweight (but in dog lbs thats about 80) she wheezes a lot–almost like a little piggy.

Dislikes: Marley will not walk on a leash AT ALL.

Things that make her tail wag: Basically anything that is edible. She jumps at the sound of a crinkly bag of chips.

Funny story: Marley will lick you until your face falls off–she does not make a great guard dog.

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