New Project : The Fashion Nature

by Trinidad Id

Making a living from your hobby might be the best of scenarios, and I really try to encourage anyone “free to choose” to go through that path if it’s possible.

Lucky me, I’ve gotten to know amazing people in my life that wisely chose that, many years ago, even though sometimes it is not the easiest path.

Francisca Torres, Chilean designer, raised in Chile and France, naturally comes up with ideas that, after starting as a hobby, transform into something useful and appreciated by the rest.

The rest, in this case, includes Joseph Font, creative director of the fashion brand Del Pozo. He was one of the many “likers” of Fran latest creation: Fashion Nature.

As a designer, and Bijoux artist, Fran has always been attached and surrounded by animal and insects figures; that helps her in the “creative process” of her designs.

That’s how she started, almost two months ago, an Instagram account where fashion meets nature: @thefashionature. A beautiful composition where animals, insects, and birds, served as the inspiration to beautiful outfits.

Coincidence or not, it’s good to know that everything out there is connected.

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