Eco-Friendly 4th of July

by Guest Writer

Independence Day is this coming up weekend! As we celebrate the freedom of the USA, we want to share our tips on how to stay eco-friendly this weekend.

Bring your own food

If you’re heading to a parade, or street fair, you’re bound to get hungry. With all the food trucks and stands selling funnel cakes and chili dogs, it’s difficult to stay healthy. Try bringing a few healthy snacks so you’re not tempted to eat at every food stand. Bringing things like apples/pears and peanut butter or carrots with hummus will help in keeping you hydrated while still packing in some protein to keep you energy levels up.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some yummy food though! Split a funnel cake with a friend, or grab some ribbon fries. The trick to keeping eating at these food stands and staying eco-friendly is to bring your own containers.

Bring your own containers

A common problem with parade foods are the extra waste they give you! Try bringing your own small container and giving it to them to put your food in! This will save any paper or plastic waste, as well as give you the opportunity to save some for later if you’re too full to finish an entire plate of nachos in one sitting (not saying that it’s a bad thing if you do. We’ve all been there before.)

Along with bringing your own container, bring a few wash rags to use as napkins. Just store them in your bag and pull them out when needed, then bring them home and wash them up! Oh, and don’t forget your reusable water bottle for water refills and fresh made lemonade!

Ride your bike

While parking is already difficult in parades, driving is a stressful part of the day. Leave your day stress, and carbon emission, free by riding your bike into town! Make use of the basket for extra waters and don’t forget a bike chain, just to be safe!

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